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Being a woodland owner

Woodland owners

Buying woodland can be a very exciting prospect and somewhat more attainable than one may think. As a woodland owner it will bring freedom to do many activities, you’ll not require permission and you could even camp whenever you want! Why not invite some friends over to camp out and bring a barbecue. If you want to clear some undergrowth, then you can do, and you can clear and use as big an area as your heart desires woodland is. Want to clear paths, no problem; you are free to cut back branches and even full trees (check the tree felling regulations first though).

Another great thing about owning woodland is that when you plant tree seeds, over the years you will see them grow and grow. You will be able to shape how the woodland will look in years to come, leaving your mark so to speak.

Woodland Regulations

There are some things to consider, for example certain regulations that we have to follow. We must follow the tree felling regulations set out by the Forestry Commission. Check your wood for tree…