Tree Felling

Tree Felling Regulations

Tree felling is governed by The Forestry Commission (TFC). The only exceptions are if your woodland is covered by a Tree Preservation Order or if it lies within a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Otherwise, TFC allows most types of routine cutting that you’d likely want to carry out.

For example, they only count trees as those that have a diameter greater than 8cm at breast height. Therefore, beyond that, you can without needing any permission whatsoever to cut five cubic metres in any one calendar quarter for private use only. This can be simplified basing it on volume and calculating it from diameter and height, without the need to take in to account branches. TFC have published a summary of timber volumes based on diameter and height. Therefore, as an example, you’d be able to cut down 70 trees that are approximately 15cm in diameter and are 4m tall, every three months. This allows a very reasonable allocation for clearing paths and general woodland management. If you don’t feel comfortable carrying out this type of tree felling, contact who will be able to help with such a task.